3 Things You Must See: Stringray Stings Man's Penis + More

1. From Listener Eli Campos:

"Came across to this and this is by far the worst thing that can happen to a guy or anyone in the ocean."

Man Gets Penis Stung By Stringray When Swimming In The Sea

Read more here.


2. A Tired Kid Mistakes a Chair for a Backpack

Security video from a school in the Philippines caught a young boy napping at his desk as class ended. And when he got up to leave he was so groggy that he put his arms through the openings of a chair thinking it was his backpack.

And then he actually walked through the room with the chair on his back before realizing what happened.

Watch here.

3. Someone put together a video using one second from every episode of "The Office".

It's like binge-watching the whole series in three and a half minutes.



4. A charity shop in the U.K. 

came up with a great way to sell their picture frames: They put a different picture of JEFF GOLDBLUM in EACH ONE.


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