3 Things You Must See: Doctors Invent Tool To Remove Toy From Colon + More

1. Doctors Had to Invent a Tool to Remove a Two-Foot Love Toy From a Man's Colon

A guy in Italy went to the hospital recently after he got-it-on with a TWO-FOOT adult toy, and it got lodged inside him. And it was so deep and so slippery that the doctors couldn't get it out with their normal tools and they had to invent a new tool using some wire to pull it out. The guy was released later that day.

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2. A Truck Full of Axe Body Spray Exploded

A semi was carrying a shipment of Axe Body Spray through Texas on Friday morning when somehow it caught on fire and all that Axe EXPLODED. The truck was completely destroyed, but fortunately no one was hurt.

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3. A Dog Uses Money to Buy His Own Treats

Some guy in Mexico posted a video where he gives a dog a coin and then the dog takes the money to the cashier at an outdoor market and buys his own doggie treat.


4. Check Out a Car Driving Down the Road While on Fire

Somebody posted dashcam video of a car that's a couple of lanes over and driving while ON FIRE. It's going at a pretty good clip, and even passes a bus before it finally pulls over.

It shows up at 0:43, and again at 0:51


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