3 Things You Must See: Newest Confusing Viral Picture: Door or a Beach+More

1. The Newest Confusing Viral Picture Asks If You're Looking at a Door or a Beach

Here's the newest confusing viral picture. A woman on Twitter recently posted a picture that's either a door or the beach. After a few days of debating it, she posted another picture to prove it's a beach.

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2. A Collection of People Freaking Out On the Slingshot Ride

Somebody put together a collection of people losing their minds on the Slingshot Ride. There's a lot of screaming, a few of them pass out, and one guy wishes he was BACK in Afghanistan. I guess he was stationed there.

The Afghanistan guy is at 0:37


3. A Barber Cutting Hair with a Power Tool

This video came out earlier this year, but it's making the rounds now. It's a barber in China using a power tool to cut a customer's hair. His tool of choice is an angle grinder, and he makes it look easy.



4. A Pilot Drives His Plane Off the Edge of a Cliff, and Nearly Crashes 

A pilot in a small plane had his friend film him as he takes off from the edge of a cliff. The plane takes an immediate dive and it looks like it's going to crash into the river below but he levels it off in the nick of time.


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