FOOD: KFC Offering Money To Name Baby After The Colonel + More

1. KFC Is Offering $11,000 to Someone Who Names Their New Baby After the Colonel 

If you're nine months pregnant right now and you still haven't picked a name, here's one for you. Warning: It's not a trendy name. Not even in an ironic, hipster, "old people names are cool again" way.

KFC just launched a contest in honor of the real Colonel Sanders's birthday. Harland Sanders was born on September 9th, 1890.

And if you give birth on September 9th and legally name your kid Harland, you'll be eligible to win $11,000. That's right, just eligible. Even if 5,000 parents go with Harland on September 9th, they'll just randomly pick one for the prize.

Is it worth it to inflict that name and that reason for choosing a name on your kid for the rest of his life for a CHANCE at 11 grand? I guess that's for you to decide.

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2. Endless Shrimp Starts on Monday at Red Lobster and They Have Added Two New Flavors

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3. Fish Sticks as a Pizza Topping: Yes or No?

Pizza Hut in Taiwan just released a new pizza that uses fried FISH STICKS as a topping. And it's got pineapple on top too, as if the fish sticks weren't a controversial enough topping on their own.

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4. Map of the U.S. Shows Which States

 Are Most Excited About the Pumpkin Spice Latte and Tennessee Leads the Way

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5. A new study is offering volunteers six months' 

worth of FREE AVOCADOS, so researchers can study the health benefits. You can apply online. 

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6. The Five Foods That Are Most Likely to Make You Sick

The CDC recently looked at more than five years of stats on food poisoning and how many outbreaks there have been. And they put out a definitive list of the foods that are most likely to get you sick.

And the food that causes the most cases of food poisoning is CHICKEN, partly because we eat so much of it. So you're more likely to encounter an old batch, or chicken that's been undercooked.

Here are the five foods that are most likely to make you ill:

1. Chicken. 3,114 cases of food poisoning reported.

2. Pork. 2,670.

3. Seeded vegetables like peppers and cucumbers. 2,572 illnesses.

4. Eggs. 2,470.

5. Fruit. 2,420 illnesses reported.

The rest of the top ten are leafy vegetables, beef, turkey, dairy and fish. 

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