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1. Every once in a while we need to see a picture like this

 to remind ourselves that MEGAN FOX is, well, Megan Fox.

Introducing The Megan Fox Fall Collection for Frederick’s of Hollywood #FlauntFredericks

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2. Megan Fox Has a New Campaign for Frederick’s of Hollywood

Pics here.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I am giving away my lingerie collection from @fredericks_hollywood. Click the link in my bio for details.

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#happyholidays @fredericks_hollywood

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3. It's been a while since we've seen LADY GAGA this naked. I miss it. 

📸: @elirusselllinnetz

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📸: @elirusselllinnetz

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4. STORMY DANIELS says PRESIDENT TRUMP only lasted two minutes. 

Full Story

Thinking of making this my new photo for club signings...

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5. Jennifer Aniston’s Personal Trainer Says She's a "Natural Athlete"

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Babe 💓 #jenniferaniston ==>Double Tap and Tag your friend<== ============= Via:@jennn.aniston

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6. Iskra Lawrence Showed Off Her Curvy Body on Instagram in a Bikini

I’m self made because even when I was dropped for being to curvy and also told I was too small to be a plus-size model I didn’t take no for an answer then spent the last 14 years getting to where I am now - surviving my Eating Disorder and challenging the need to retouch, moving to NY on my own with some money I’d saved up and creating the life I dreamt of on my own. Just because you get hundreds of no’s or people who don’t believe in you - never stop believing in yourself. Even if your family aren’t rich, connected or famous - doesn’t mean you can’t make it, you just have to hustle even harder. Even if people laugh in your face, if you believe you can do it, chase your dreams. The harder it is to get there the more rewarding it will be. Use even the negative energy to fuel your drive and passion. Celebrate the small victories and learn lessons from your mistakes and failures. Self made doesn’t have a single definition.... if you’re a single parent working your a$$ off at work and at home you’re self made. If your starting your own business tryna get it off the ground you’re self made. If you made it through high school or just starting a new course you’re self made. It’s time to not just celebrate what we are told or shown as success but celebrating ourselves and everyone around us. 👑 What makes YOU Self Made? I wanna know and I want us to inspire and uplift each other🙌 #selfMade

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7. Kylie Jenner is the New Face of Adidas

Read more here.

8. Happy Birthday Lea Michele is 32. 

Rachel on "Glee", and Hester on "Scream Queens".

9. After hearing that the French Open wouldn't let her play in a catsuit, 

SERENA WILLIAMS took to the court at the U.S. Open in a tutu.

Thank you to the incredible @virgilabloh

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10. Jennifer Garner Looked Amazing at Premiere of New Movie “Peppermint”

Pics here.

Star number 2,641: has my actual name on it! Thank you to @hollywoodchamberofcommerce. . Thank you to @bryancranston, @missjudygreer and #SteveCarell for presenting it to me with humor and heart. . Thank you to my friends and family for celebrating this crazy dream of a day with me. . Thank you to the stars of beautiful #ArethaFranklin, @zoesaldana and #SnowWhite for welcoming me to the neighborhood. #pleasecomeandseeme #6920HollywoodBlvd #infrontofHootersofcourse

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11. Russia Has Declared That Small Boobs Are a ‘Physical Defect’

Read more here.

12. CHRISTINA AGUILERA is NOT into dating other celebrities, and her reasoning is solid.

In an interview with "Cosmo", she said, quote, "I've had opportunities, but it isn't my style to date another person in the business. There's gotta be something wrong with you if you want to be in this business. I mean, hi!

"I definitely have my issues. I think that I can only handle one [celebrity] in the relationship, and I need to be it."

hitting newsstands sept 4... see you soon 👀💗

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Wich era is your favorite? ❤️ @xtina . . @xtina #christinaaguilera #christinaaguilerastripped #christinaaguilerabacktobasics #christinaaguilerafan #christinaaguilerafanpage #xtina #xtinaaguilera #xtinafamily #teamxtina #xtinalover #fighters #backtobasics #stripped #bionic #lotus #xtinaliberation #liberation #liberationtour #music #singer #diva #star #hollywood #losangeles #california #quebeccity #quebec #christinaaguileraquebec

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13. Paulina Gretzky Is The Real Great One on Instagram

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Hotter than you Pink 🧜🏼‍♀️

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⁸ ²¹ ¹⁸ @_jeremycohen

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Uh huh 🍯

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Good times & tan lines 🍍

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