FOOD: Starbucks Officially Launched The Pumpkin Spice Latte + More

1. Starbucks Officially Launched The Pumpkin Spice Latte for 2018 Starting Today

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2. It's National Red Wine Day, Will You Be One of the 12% of People Drinking an Entire Bottle?

Today is National Red Wine Day.

Not to be confused with National White Wine Day, which was back on the 4th. Or National Wine Day, on May 25th. Or National Drink Wine Day, on February 18th. Or National Rehab Week, which we'll all need when it comes next month.

1. 80% of people say they like wine, and red is the most popular type. White is second, sparkling is third then rosé and dessert wine.

2. 15% of people like wine and cheese together. Which seems kind of low.

3. 12% always try to pair wines with what they're eating.

4. And finally, 12% of us have put down an entire bottle of wine by ourselves. And what better time to do that than today?

3. Chick-Fil-A Released 5 New Foods That Will be on Menus This Fall

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4. Dairy Queen is Having BOGO Sundaes and Shakes All Week Long Through Their App

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5. The Last Blockbuster Video Is Getting Its Own Beer

There's only one Blockbuster Video location left in the entire world. It's in Bend, Oregon. And even though we all know for a FACT that it's on borrowed time, it's living it up while it's still around.

A brewery in Bend called 10 Barrel just teamed up with it to make a new beer. It's called The Last Blockbuster, and it's a dark ale with, quote, "nuances of red licorice."

 The beer is going on sale on September 21st for a limited time. 

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6. 10 Bartenders Tell Us The Drinks They Hate To Make

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