FOOD: Whataburger Employee Cut Up Man's Meal For Him + More

1. Whataburger Employee Seen on Camera Helping Cut Up a Man’s Meal for Him

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2. Pringles Now Has 7-Layer Dip Flavored Chips, BUT They Are Only Sold at 7-Eleven Stores

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3. A McDonald's worker in Arkansas was fired last week for throwing HOT GREASE

 in a customer's face after they told her they wanted to change their order. 

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4. All Alcohol Is Terrible For You But It May Also Be the Key to Our Survival

A new study found ALL alcohol is terrible for you it kills millions of people a year, and the downside outweighs any potential health benefits. But an evolutionary psychologist says it could be the key to the HUMAN RACE. Alcohol has been a big part of our social development, which is how we evolved to be the most advanced species.

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5. Testing Out the Age Old Question: 

Will Banana Peels Make Your Car Spin Out Like in MarioKart?


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