Crazy Criminalzzz: Guy Does Weird Ballet Move While Throwing Gun + More

1. A guy in Milwaukee tried to toss his gun onto the roof

 of a building while running from the cops last week. And a picture of him mid-toss is making the rounds, because it almost looks like he's doing a weird ballet move. 

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2. Watch a Mousetrap Catch a Thief

A store in Brazil put a mousetrap inside a cash drawer that people had been stealing from, and then posted video of it catching a woman in the act. She's at the counter talking to someone when she sneaks her hand into the drawer and it snaps.

No one says anything and she calmly puts it back, and acts as if nothing happened. Someone eventually comes over and locks the drawer, but there's no word whether she was arrested.

The employee comes over to lock the drawer at 1:35


3. A Guy Just Pleaded Guilty to Smuggling Six Pounds of Cocaine Inside a Neck Pillow

A guy was busted last year flying to New Jersey from the Dominican Republic with more than six pounds of cocaine in a travel NECK PILLOW. And he just pleaded guilty, so he's looking at five to 40 years in prison.

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