Crazy Criminalzzz: Naked Man Tackled Car Thief + More

1. A Guy Tries to Steal an SUV, But is Tackled By the Owner's Naked Fiancé

A woman in England posted security video of a thief trying to steal her SUV that's parked in front of the house. But her NAKED fiancé comes running out of the front door at full speed and tackles him.

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2. Man who taunted bison in Yellowstone Park sentenced to 130 days in jail

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3. A 20-year-old guy in Iowa was arrested

 this week for breaking into a waterpark and stealing "an undisclosed amount of funnel cakes." 

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4. Two teens in rural Pennsylvania 

say they broke into a high school and sprayed a fire extinguisher on Sunday, because there's nothing else to do in their town. 

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5. A Guy Forged Divorce Papers Using His New Girlfriend's Signature

A woman in Louisiana recently got a hell of a surprise, when she found some papers that showed she was DIVORCED. It turns out her husband and his new girlfriend had forged her signature on their divorce papers and they were just arrested for filing false public records and forgery.

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6. A Woman Posed as an Out-of-State Deputy to Break Her Boyfriend Out of Jail

A guy in Arkansas was arrested last month on a warrant from California. But his girlfriend got him out by posing as a deputy from California and telling them to let him go. The cops eventually figured out what happened, and the couple was arrested last week.

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