3 Things You Must See: Crocodile On A Pool Noodle + More

1. Someone in Florida posted a photo of a crocodile swimming with a pool noodle. 

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2. A Groom Uses Two Dogs As Ring Bearers

A groom surprised his bride by having two dogs as ring bearers. He stops the ceremony and whistles, and then they come down the aisle. One's in a "wedding dress" and the other a "tux." The rings are attached to one dog's collar.

 The groom whistles for them at 0:47


3. A Woman Crashes Into the Lobby After a Test Drive

A woman in China ended her test drive by crashing through the front door of the dealership. And THEN the car took off again and drove into a display as people jumped out of the way. No one was hurt.



4. Batman Gets Pulled Over, But Doesn't Get a Ticket

Some guy posted cell phone video from his car of Batman, in a Batmobile, getting pulled over by a cop. The officer gets out and has a few words with Batman and then seems to let him go with just a warning.


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