Crazy Criminalzzz: Guy Selfied With Hungry Bears, Will Face Charges + More

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1. A Guy Who Waded into a River Full of Hungry Bears For a Selfie Didn't Die, But Will Be Facing Charges

A guy was at a national park in Alaska earlier this month and he went into a river to take a selfie near some bears. On the bright side, they didn't maul him to death but he will be facing charges for going into a restricted area.

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2. 15-year-old ran pot shop out of bedroom!

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3. Cops near Anaheim, California found a bunch of meth

 in a guy's glove box after he passed out in a McDonald's drive-thru Saturday morning. 

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This morning, at approximately 2:34 AM, FPD Officers contacted a male that was passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle while waiting in the drive-thru at McDonald's, 119 E. Chapman Ave. During a search of the male's vehicle, officers located 96 grams of methamphetamine inside the glove compartment. Officers also located numerous items indicating that the male possessed the methamphetamine for sale. #AlmostAQuarterPounder #NoCokeInThisDriveThruJustMeth #SuperSizeArrest

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4. Woman Celebrated Her 93rd Birthday by Getting Arrested to See What It Was Like

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5. Fight at a Golf Course Led to One Man Biting Off the Thumb of the Other

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