MUSIC: Marilyn Manson Collapsed During His Show at The Woodlands + More

1. Marilyn Manson Collapsed During His Show Saturday at The Woodlands 

MARILYN MANSON collapsed four songs into a show in Houston on Saturday night. He's currently on the Twins of Evil tour with ROB ZOMBIE.

Manson had pretty much gotten through "Sweet Dreams" when he went down, after spending the song supporting himself on his mic stand.

The word is that he's suffering from food poisoning although earlier in the show he told the crowd he had "heat poisoning."

Photographers were even asked to leave the pit area before the show, because Manson didn't want to be photographed in the state he was in.

Manson and Zombie usually sing "Helter Skelter" together, but when it came time on Saturday, Zombie had to handle it solo. He told the crowd, quote, "My dear friend Mr. Manson is feeling under the weather. He’s probably on the bus feeling like crap."

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He posted an apology on his Twitter about his performance


Another video from the show:


Your photos from the Rob Zombie/ Marilyn Manson "Twins of Evil" tour:

2. Dinah hosted the Blue October private performance on Friday and it was fantastic! 

Watch the performance below and if you were there click the link below to get your pic with the band!

Pics here.


3. Dennis Rodman crashed the Pearl Jam show at Wrigley Field on Saturday. 

He got on the mic and said he wanted to be buried in Chicago.

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4. ARETHA FRANKLIN's funeral will be held on August 31st in Detroit. 

There will be public viewings on the 28th and 29th. 

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5. AL SHARPTON probably shouldn't be on TV trying spell 

the word "Respect" if he doesn't even know how. 

Skip ahead to 1:21


6. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister says he invented stage diving. 

Rock historians would disagree Jim Morrison and Iggy Pop anyone? But Dee still tells a great story.

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7. ERIC CLAPTON is getting into the Christmas album business. 

"Happy Xmas" comes out October 12th. 

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8. RONNIE JAMES DIO's estate is auctioning off some of his stuff. 

Fittingly, they're putting 666 items on the block. 

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9. The new Lynyrd Skynyrd documentary premiered on Showtime Saturday night.

 We've all heard the story about the band's name Gary Rossington's gym coach in Jacksonville was Leonard Skinner, and tossed him out of gym class for having long hair. Nope. Founding member Bob Burns says it actually started with that novely song about summer camp, "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh", which ALSO mentions Leonard Skinner. It became a running joke with the band. Then, Gary just happened to get a gym coach with the same name later on.


10. Pianist Does an Awesome Cover of "Chop Suey"


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