Lookin' At Girlzzz: Happy Birthday Demi Lovato + More

1. Happy Birthday Demi Lovato is 26.

2. Tara Reid Gave a Bizarre Interview, and the Internet Is Concerned 

TARA REID gave a weird interview promoting the new "Sharknado" movie, where she was slurring her words and squinting for some reason. She later dropped out of another promo, because of "back pain."

"The Last Sharknado: It's About Time" premiered last night on Syfy and, as the title suggests, Syfy says this is the final one.

Here's the Australian interview from Thursday and here's the U.S. interview from Friday. And here's the Fox 5 interview, where she goes on a bizarre tangent about Valentine's Day.


3. HEATHER LOCKLEAR is back on social media. 

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4. UK Mom Who’s Obsessed With Making Herself Look Like Barbie

 Plans to Spend Over $15,000 on Rib Removal Surgery to Make Her Waist Smaller

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5. ALEC BALDWIN really wasn't happy about his daughter IRELAND's 

latest sexy social media post. He commented, "No. Just... no" on the photo. Although to be honest, she's done a lot worse.


6. Kourtney Kardashian Showed Off in a Green Thong Bikini on Instagram

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7. BEN AFFLECK was spotted at dinner on Thursday with "Playboy" 

Playmate SHAUNA SEXTON. And over the weekend, his supposed girlfriend Lindsay Shookus deleted her Instagram.


8. KALEY CUOCO gave herself an "ass-kicking" on the stationary bike

 after eating "basically an entire cake" by herself.


9. MARIAH CAREY is afraid of sharks which seems like the correct reaction. 

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10. Porn stars have started making extra money by live-streaming themselves playing "Fortnite".

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11. JANET JACKSON's return to the "Tonight Show" was pretty lit.


12. Stella Maxwell Has Crying Out For More On Instagram

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