FOOD: Taco Bell Has Brought Back $1 Breakfast Stackers + More

1. Taco Bell Has Brought Back $1 Breakfast Stackers

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2. Chart Shows How Many Steps It Takes to Burn Off Different Candy Bars

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3. Archaeologists Found Cheese in an Ancient Egyptian Tomb, Now People Want to Eat It

If you missed this last month, an ancient sarcophagus was found in Egypt, and people started a petition to drink the RED WATER inside of it so they could get super mummy powers. Even though the water was actually just SEWAGE.

Well it's happening again. Archaeologists just found some CHEESE in a 3,200-year-old Egyptian tomb. And yup, people want some of that too.

So far, there's no major petition to eat it, but there are lots of people on social media saying they want a taste. And obviously that's a terrible idea the cheese is contaminated with bacteria that would almost definitely kill you. 

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4. A Restaurant in Mexico City Is Busted For Selling Tacos Made With Illegal Tarantulas

There's a restaurant in Mexico City that just got busted for serving tacos made with TARANTULA MEAT. But not just any tarantula the Mexican red rump tarantula, which is a protected species.

The Mexican authorities busted the restaurant for selling the rare tarantulas last week, after they posted a video online of the chef using a homemade blowtorch to blacken one of the spiders. 

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5. 17 Weird Food Combos Everyone Either Loves Or Hates

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6. A Beer Delivery Guy Talked Down a Jumper by Giving Him Coors Light

A beer delivery guy in Minnesota saw a guy about to jump off a bridge last Wednesday and talked him down by offering him a free 12-pack of Coors Light

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7. A new study found low-carb diets could KILL you, 

and people who eat a "moderate" amount of carbs live four years longer. 

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8. ICYMI: 

A Waitress Punches a Random Woman Who Spanked Her Butt

A video has gone viral of a waitress smacking a woman who randomly spanked her on the butt. The waitress was pouring a shot into the mouth of a guy sitting in a barber's chair. It's a famous feature at a New Orleans bar called Spirits on Bourbon.


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