Crazy Criminalzzz: Topless 81-Year-Old Drinking Boxed Wine in Park + More

1. A Topless 81-Year-Old Woman Is Busted Drinking Boxed Wine in a Park

The cops in Florida were called to a park on Thursday morning because an 81-year-old woman was TOPLESS and drinking wine straight out of the box. She was arrested for disorderly intoxication.

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2. A drunk guy in a Tinkerbell costume

 was removed from a flight in England on Friday after he threatened a bunch of passengers. Turns out he was on a bachelor party trip. 

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3. A Golfer Is Charged with "Mayhem" After Biting Another Golfer's Thumb Off

A 47-year-old golfer in Massachusetts was arrested last Friday after he got into a fight with another golfer and bit the guy's THUMB off. He's facing a charge for "mayhem," and could be looking at up to 20 years in prison.

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4. A Softball Coach's Wife Who Mooned the Crowd to Distract Them After a Bad Game Looks Like She'll Get Away with It

A woman in Virginia MOONED the crowd at a high school girls' softball game in May because her husband was the coach, the crowd was mad at him, and she wanted to distract them. And now it looks like the indecent exposure charge against her is going to be dropped.

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