3 Things You Must See: Guy Puts Up 300 Billboards to Apologize to GF + More

1. A Guy Puts Up 300 Billboards to Apologize to His Girlfriend After a Fight

A guy in India put up 300 billboards and banners all over his town last week to apologize to his girlfriend after a fight. We're not sure if she forgave him but we know the cops are investigating and he might get charged with defacement of public property

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2. A Father and Son Drive Through a Wildfire in Montana

A father and son shot cell phone video as they drove through a wildfire in Glacier National Park in Montana. It starts as they're approaching the fire, but it's the only road out so they have to drive right into it. It gets more frightening by the second.

The video ends when they get to a fallen tree that's blocking the road. According to a report, they had to go back out the same way they came in, and then abandoned their car. Somehow, they made it to a lake and were rescued by a ranger.


3. Australian Guys Have A+ Reaction to a Great White Shark 

Getting His Dinner Stolen by a Bigger Great White.




4. This Viral Optical Illusion Has Been Driving The Internet Mad

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