MUSIC: New Blue October Today, Your Bush/ Cult/ STP Reviews + More

1. New Music Out Today:

"I Hope You're Happy" by our close personal friends, Blue October

Death Cab for Cutie also have a new album "Thank You For Today"


2. Bush/ Cult/ STP Show!

Your reviews and photos are rolling in about the show last night! Have something to say? Comment on our Facebook page about it!


From Listener Carolyn:

"What a fantastic show tonight! STP opened and they blew the roof off the place. The crowd sang along and the band sounded tight. The new lead singer sounds perfect--not quite Scott, but close enough. He even looks a lot like Scott Weiland, if Scott had been more muscular instead of wirey. The crowd was really into them.I love STP!!!

The Cult was okay. I have seen them before--a long time ago--and they were fantastic, but they just weren't great tonight. Part of it was the vocals didn't sound real strong. I don't know if it was the sound mix or if it was Ian's voice. It was like I recognized the music and I knew what song it was, but the vocals just did not match what I should have been hearing. The crowd was not into it. Many people sat through most of their performance.

Bush rocked the house!!! The crowd knew every word to every song. Gavin is such a showman! I have loved them every time I have seen them. He came out into the crowd and even went up into the lawn and sang. He ended up coming back into the seats right by where we were sitting and stood on a chair and sang. He walked right by me down the aisle--I touched his arm! Still a gorgeous dude. I attached some pics from when he was singing on the chair right by us.

Awesome show!!! Wish it wasn't on a Thursday and wish I didn't have a work meeting Friday morning. I'm off to bed now for a few hours sleep."

From Listener Jamie:

"Hey y'all, thanks for the tickets to the show [I won them via #every20minutes]. The show was awesome. STP sounded amazing, Jeff Gutt sounds a lot like Scott Weiland. I wasn't too familiar with the Cult, but they played a great show, and people were really into them. Bush were the headliners and they were amazing. Anyways, just wanted to send some pictures from the show to you all as thanks. Enjoy."

From Listener Tiff:

"The STP, Cult, Bush concert was awesome! I was not disappointed by any of it. Both Jeff Gutt and Gavin Rossdale ran and sang in the crowd. Gavin went all the way to the lawn and around. I even enjoyed the Dirty Hooks which was the opener. The drummer was a chick and she was cool!Here’s a few pics of the bands, me and my oldest daughter and me and my husband. Have a happy Friday!"

3. BAD WOLVES have officially achieved platinum status for their cover of "Zombie"

Read more here.


4. JILL JANUS of the metal band HUNTRESS took her own life. She was only 43. 

Full Story


5. PRINCE has finally been turned into one of those "Funko Pop" figures. 

Four of them, actually. 

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6. ICYMI: 

DISTURBED dropped a new track called "Are You Ready". It's off their upcoming album "Evolution", which is due out October 19th. 

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7. Are Smash Mouth and Smashing Pumpkins Beefing Over the "Shrek" Soundtrack?

BILLY CORGAN recently said SMASHING PUMPKINS were asked to contribute music to the original "Shrek" before SMASH MOUTH was. So Smash Mouth Tweeted, quote, "If it feeds Billy's ego to think they were first, let him think that."

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