Crazy Criminalzzz: Guy Pooped In The Back of Cop Car + More

1. A Guy Wouldn't Pull Over Because He Needed the Bathroom and Wound Up Pooping in the Back of a Cop Car

A guy in Kentucky wouldn't pull over for the cops on Tuesday, and he said it was because he had a bathroom emergency. When he got to his house, it turned out he was drunk and kicked a cop and then he pooped in the back of their squad car. He's facing several charges.

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2. An Hour After Aretha Franklin Died, a Guy Got Shot Arguing About Whether Halle Berry Should Play Her in a Movie

About an hour after Aretha Franklin died yesterday, a guy in Virginia SHOT another guy . . . after they got into an argument about whether Halle Berry should play Aretha in a movie. The shooter was arrested, and the victim was rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

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3. WE think Halle looks JUST LIKE Aretha!!!

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4. A Man Shot His Son Over Chicken Wings While Watching Football Together

A 77-year-old guy in Alabama was just convicted of shooting his son over some chicken wings while they watched the Super Bowl together back in 2016. The son survived. The dad will be sentenced in November, and faces up to 20 years.

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