Someone Lit Up The "Be Someone" Sign, And It Was Awesome

Tuesday night A company called JD3 Lasers used lasers to light up the famous "Be Someone" sign on the bridge that goes over i-45. It's really awesome to watch! More here.

From Listener Amanda:

Thought it might be something to share with the family. Shows exactly how the ‘Be Someone’ bridge was lit up. It is a long video but she does say at one point they do not want to remain anonymous. That’s why I felt safe in sending it to you.

To see the bridge light up skip to 18:55


Is the "Be Someone" sign now an official landmark? 

Learn the history of the "Be Someone" sign!

More info here.


Love the sign? Pick up your own "Be Someone" merch!

This is run by the guy who painted the original "Be Someone" sign. 

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