MUSIC: Jack White Covers Pearl Jam "Daughter" + More

1. Jack White Covers Pearl Jam

White treated the crowd of WaMu Theater to a rendition of Pearl Jam’s “Daughter” in response to their cover of “We Are Going To Be Friends.” Due to his strict “no phones” policy, video hasn’t surfaced of the cover yet, but one fan managed to record audio of the performance.


2. Slash Reveals Why Playing With Scott Weiland ‘Was No Fun’

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3. Billy Corgan Says Nirvana is the Greatest 90’s Grunge Band

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4. How is it possible to take a Lennon / McCartney selfie in 2018? 

When it's SEAN Lennon and JAMES McCartney the SONS of John and Paul.


5. ‘Conan’ Will No Longer Have Musical Performances on the Show

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6. World Champion Yoyo Routine Set To 'Free Bird'


7. Is This a Clip of Steve Perry's New Song?

It looks like former JOURNEY singer STEVE PERRY has an album called "Traces" coming out in October. It'll be his first solo album since 1994. His last album with Journey came out in 1996, and he hasn't done much since.

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