Crazy Criminalzzz: Guys Jumps Fence, Slaps Hippo On The Butt + More

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1. An idiot in L.A. could face charges after he jumped a fence at the Los Angeles Zoo and spanked a hippo. 

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2. An impaired driver in Spain recently tested positive 

for EVERY single substance the police test for, pot, meth, cocaine, opiates, AND alcohol. 

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3. A 71-year-old bingo caller in New York

 is facing fraud charges for manipulating the outcome of multiple bingo games. 

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4. A Guy Shot His Friend in the Butt After Arguing About Politics on Facebook

Two guys in Tampa got into a heated Facebook argument about politics last week. Then one of them drove to the other guy's house and shot him in the butt.

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5. A Heavy-Set Dude Stole $250 Worth of Axe Body Spray

A heavy-set guy walked into a store near Toronto last week, and stole about $250 worth of Axe body spray. It's not clear if he planned to sell it or wear it. But he looks like a big, sweaty dude. So maybe he just needed to stock up?

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6. Two lunch ladies in Connecticut

 are accused of stealing half-a-million dollars from their cash registers over the course of about five years. 

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7. Mom That Spent Over $25K on Her Son’s Prom

 in 2017 Has Been Charged With Fraud and Could Get 140 Years Behind Bars

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