Crazy Criminalzzz: Couple Busted For Sex Acts In Walmart Parking Lot + More

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1. A Couple Is Busted Doing Sexy Things in Their Van in a Walmart Parking Lot

A married couple in Minnesota was busted on Saturday night when the cops caught the guy performing sexual favors on the woman in their van in a Walmart parking lot. They were both arrested for indecent exposure.

arrested for indecent exposure. Shantell is also facing a charge for impaired driving, and Frank is facing a charge for violating the court order. 

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2. Two People Were Burned by a Flaming Drink

 Called the "Rum Donkey" at Gordon Ramsey’s Restaurant in Las Vegas

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3. Cops in Myrtle Beach are looking for a guy who broke

 into a woman's home on Monday and stole her phone, plus one corndog. 

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4. Some guy jumped out of a walk-in freezer at a restaurant in New York this week

 then threatened people with a knife and promptly DIED of an apparent heart attack. Turns out he was a suspected MURDERER who'd just gotten out of prison. So the Associated Press went with this headline: Quote, "Man who jumped out of freezer and died was cold-case suspect." 

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5. A Guy Tries to Get a KFC to Reopen at Gunpoint

A guy in Delaware went to KFC on Sunday night, but it was closed so he pulled a GUN to try to get an employee to open it back up. He was arrested for robbery.

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