FOOD: Nike and General Mills Released New Shoes Based Off Cereal + More

1. I have no idea how these two things go together but hey, why not?

Nike and General Mills just released three new limited-edition pairs of basketball shoes that are based on different CEREALS.

And they're all based on the basketball shoe line Nike makes for Kyrie Irving from the Boston Celtics, because apparently he really likes cereal? 

Anyway, the three new shoes are:

1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which are brown and covered in swirls.

2. Lucky Charms, which are bright red and have embossed pictures of the marshmallow shapes.

3. And Kix, which, fittingly for that cereal, are pretty boring and just look like a bright yellow and blue shoe.

Oh, and the liners inside the shoes have pictures of the actual cereal on them.

 The retail price is $120 and Nike is going to release them on their Snkrs app on Saturday but for now, they're selling them at random popups at basketball events in big cities. 

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2. Krispy Kreme Has Teamed Up With Reese's Pieces

 to Make a New 'Reese’s Outrageous Donut' and It’s Available Now

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3. A Burger King in London Will Play

 Toto's "Africa" Non-Stop For an Entire Day

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4. IHOP's Stupid "IHOB" Stunt Quadrupled Their Burger Sales

Somewhere out there, there's a marketing executive going, "I can't BELIEVE this worked."

Remember back in June when IHOP changed its name to IHOB, with a "B" for their new line of burgers? And the Internet was weirdly obsessed with that name change until they switched back to IHOP less than a month later.

Well, I guess we're the dummies. According to IHOP, the stunt led to 20,000 news articles, 36 billion social media impressions and their burger sales QUADRUPLED. 

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5. France and Belgium are arguing over which country really invented French fries. 

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6. There is a Resort in Japan

 That Has a Hot Tub Filled With Beer and It’s Supposed to Be Good for Your Skin

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7. Pickles are HOT right now!

the Daily Beast just listed pickle as “the flavor of the moment!” 

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