Crazy Criminalz: Goldberg From "The Mighty Ducks" Was Arrested for PI +More

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1. Goldberg From "The Mighty Ducks"

 Was Arrested for Public Intoxication on Saturday and His Mugshot Makes Him Unrecognizable

2. CEO of NASCAR Has Taken Leave of Absence After Being Busted for a DUI

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3. Former Bassist of 3 Doors Down 

is Facing More Prison Time After Receiving Narcotics to In His Prison Mail

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4. An 80-year-old woman in Michigan was arrested

 and put in jail for less than an eighth of an ounce of weed, because she had let her medical marijuana card expire. She uses marijuana for arthritis pain and a couple other conditions, and can't take opioids because they make her vomit.

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5. A Woman Named "Liberty Bell" Got Arrested Again This Time for Beating Up Her Public Defender

There's a woman in Illinois named Liberty Bell who can't stop getting thrown in jail. She was arrested in March after she got locked out of a car that turned out to be stolen. Then she got arrested in June for stealing a March of Dimes donation jar. And now she's been arrested again for beating up her public defender.

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6. A Guy Is Busted For Fleeing From the Cops Thanks to His Ringtone the Theme Song to "COPS"

A guy in Washington was speeding last month and fled from a cop who tried to pull him over. He ran into a bar, and swore he wasn't driving but when the cop called his cell phone number, his phone IN THE CAR started ringing. And his ringtone was the theme song to the TV show "COPS". He was arrested.

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