3 Things You Must See: Ants Build "Body Bridge" to Attack Wasp Nest + More

1. Army Ants Build a "Body Bridge" to Attack a Wasp Nest

A guy in Brazil posted video of thousands of army ants that formed a "body bridge" to attack a giant wasp nest. The bridge is a loop that hangs down from a porch ceiling and then goes back up to the nest.

According to his post, the loop helps the ants stay walking upright to carry heavy loads usually larvae, eggs, and even some adult wasps that don't escape.

Here's a story.


2. A Safari Park Rhino Rams an SUV Filled with People

In case you haven't seen this: Somebody posted video of a rhino at the Africam Safari park in Puebla, Mexico and it's ramming an SUV filled with people. It seems to be trying to flip it over.

No one was hurt, and the SUV was able to drive away. The rhino was on alert because it caught wind of a female that was ready to mate.


3. A 21-year-old woman in Beaumont, Texas who plans

 to work with animals just took her college graduation photos while standing in the water with a 14-foot alligator. 

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4. Amateur Video Shows a Great White Shark 

Off the Coast of Massachusetts Breaching the Surface of the Water

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