Listener Stephanie's Kids Start Their Own Backpack Drive

From Listener Stephanie: 

"She [my daughter] heard about your backpack campaign, and she has a friend that was down on their luck last year that we helped buy supplies for.  She rounded up some of her friends and they had a school supply drive.  They exchanged baked goods for school supplies.  Those kids stood out in the rain and got 2 backpacks, a wagon full of supplies and about 180.00 in cash.  They were so excited. 

She has organized once again, and her and her little friends are having another baked good exchange!  She is in 3rd grade.  I am proud of her heart.  I just wanted to let you know that your show and your campaign has started something special.  These kids are giving back to other kids!!   It’s a pretty awesome sight!" 

The Follow Up:

The school supply drive way a success.  They didn’t get as many supplies and backpacks as they had hoped for, but... They did better than the year before so that was a step in the right direction for them!! Also, they raised $291.00.  They worked very hard, I am proud of all of these kiddos and the moms that helped make it happen.  Thank you again for being an inspiration in our community and helping our kids see that we need to open our hearts to help others!  Please see the photos attached.  Have a wonderful week!

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