FOOD: Taco Bell Released New Watermelon Slushy Drink + More

1. Taco Bell has a new watermelon slushy drink

 with little fake watermelon seeds made of chocolate. 

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2. A Woman Won Reese's Outrageous Fan Contest For Naming Her Daughter "Reese Cupp"

Reese's just announced the winner of a contest to find their most "outrageous" fan. They picked a woman named Renee Cupp who named her daughter Reese Cupp. And she didn't do it for the contest Reese is eight. They won $10,000 and a year's supply of candy.

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3. Drinking White Wine Makes You Happier

Apparently happiness pairs well with fish.

According to a new study out of Spain, people are HAPPIER when they drink white wine and they're more likely to feel aggressive or guilty when they drink red.

And the researchers found that women seemed to realize that difference, so they gravitated toward white wines so they could feel happier. Men either didn't realize what was happening or didn't care, because they kept going for reds. 

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4. Kellogg's Honey Smacks have been recalled 

after a salmonella outbreak has affected over 70 people in at least 31 states. 

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