MOVIE: Avengers Sprung Into Action to Grant a Sick Boy's Final Wish + More

1. A Few Avengers Sprung Into Action to Grant a Sick Boy's Final Wish 

On Sunday night, Fox News anchor Shannon Bream Tweeted about a terminally sick boy named Emilio who said his last wish was to meet one of the Avengers.

And within hours, "Captain America" star Chris Evans, "Ant-Man" actor Paul Rudd, self-proclaimed 'Reserve Avenger' Ryan Reynolds, and other big-screen superheroes answered the call, and sent videos to Emilio.

Shannon's post went viral and was Re-Tweeted more than 10,000 times. The videos were sent privately to Emilio after Shannon had them DM her for contact details. Which kind of makes the whole thing even COOLER.


2. Gal Gadot Accused Ryan Reynolds 

of Stealing Her Pose in “Wonder Woman Poster” for “Deadpool”

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3. David Ayer, Director of “Suicide Squad”, 

Revealed He Had a Different Intention for the Joker and Harley Quinn in the Movie

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4. Netflix is Making a Live-Action Version of “Carmen Sandiego”

 and Gina Rodriguez Will Star In It

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5. Tom Hardy's New Movie About Al Capone

 is Having an Open Casting Call in April

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6. Fox Announced That Freddie Mercury Biopic

 Has Moved Up to November 2nd

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