FOOD: Red Lobster Is About to Sell Lobster and Waffles + More

1. Forget Chicken and Waffles: Red Lobster Is About to Sell Lobster and Waffles

The combo of chicken and waffles got super trendy a few years back. So now it's OLD NEWS. But that's okay because somehow, Red Lobster just found a way to beat it.

They just announced they're going to start selling a LOBSTER and waffles combo. The lobster is deep fried the waffles are made with their famous Cheddar Bay Biscuit mix and you put syrup on top of all of it.

 I'm not sure if that sounds good or horrible, but either way, it's on sale starting today for a limited time. But they're definitely not giving it away it should run you around $20. 

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2. Bluebell Just Announced New Chocolate Peanut Butter

 Cookie Dough Ice Cream is Coming to Shelves!


3. Wendy's just dropped a new mixtape

 as in, the fast food chain Wendy's made a rap mixtape. And as far as mixtapes go, it's really not bad. People are spreading it on Twitter and they kind of don't know how to react. 

A woman who calls herself "Queen Wendy" calls out other fast food chains and hypes Wendy's products like the Baconator.


4. Sliced Ketchup Is Now a Thing That Exists

I'm not sure if this product is necessary, but here you go: You can now buy SLICED KETCHUP. No more squirting ketchup onto your burgers like a caveman now you can just drop on a clean, neat slice, like it's cheese.

A company out of L.A. created the stuff and they just put it up on Kickstarter. It ain't cheap a pack of eight slices of ketchup will cost you $10.

 But if you're interested, you can order it now, and they're going to ship in June. There's no word on if or when it might wind up in stores. 

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5. A Guy Uses Pizza Menus to Unlock a Hotel Room Door

A guy used pizza menus as shims to "break into" a Florida hotel room in under 30 seconds. The woman he's with is in the room filming it as he pushes the menus through the regular lock, and he uses them again to release the swinging arm latch.


6. These 82 Restaurants Give You Free Food On Your Birthday

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7. Are You Making Spaghetti Wrong? Save Some of the Water You Boiled It In

If you want to up your pasta game, save some of the water you boil it in, and add it to the sauce. The starch in the water helps the sauce emulsify. Meaning the oil and water blend together instead of separating. So it ends up being creamier.

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