3 Things You Must See: Last Text You Sent Goes On Your Tombstone + More

1. New Viral Trend: The Last Thing You Texted Is What Goes on Your Tombstone

Here's the new viral trend:  What if the last thing you texted is what goes on your TOMBSTONE?  So now people are sharing their last text on Twitter to show just how EMBARRASSING it would be as their eternal legacy.

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2. Huge Spider Rescued (?!?!?)

 From Floodwaters In Australia

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3. A Woman Sings Because She Thinks She's Alone on the Subway, Then Notices She's Not

A video has been making the rounds of a woman who thinks she's alone on the subway so she films herself singing at the top of her lungs.  She improvises about being the only one on the train and totally hams it up and acts goofy.

But as she's leaving she notices there IS someone else in the same subway car  so she adds that detail to the song. 


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