FOOD: Ingredients in McDonald's Fries Could Help Cure Baldness + More

1. One of the Ingredients in McDonald's Fries Could Help Cure Baldness

Researchers in Japan are working on a new potential cure for baldness that involves a chemical found in McDonald's FRENCH FRIES. Unfortunately, just eating more fries won't help you regrow hair though.


2. An Ice Cream Shop Has a Flavor So Spicy, You Need to Sign a Waiver to Eat It

I'm all good with spicy foods, but some foods really don't NEED to be spicy.

There's an ice cream shop in Glasgow, Scotland that just created a special Valentine's Day flavor called Respiro Del Diavolo or "breath of the devil." And it's so HOT, you have to sign a WAIVER before you eat it.

They say the ice cream is 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce, and the waiver acknowledges that by eating it you, quote, "could be at risk of personal injury, illness, and possible loss of life." Happy Valentine's Day! 

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3. Since Google knows everything about us

 which includes every bite of food we put in our mouths, I guess it makes sense that they could put together a study like this.

Google analyzed what types of restaurants people are going to the most in every city to find the "capital" of a bunch of different cuisines. 

Here are their results:

1. The PIZZA capital is... Detroit. Going out for pizza is more popular in Detroit than any other city in the country.

2. The MEXICAN capital is... San Antonio.

3. The CHINESE capital is... New York City.

4. The BBQ capital is... Memphis.

5. The BURGER capital is... D.C.

6. The SANDWICH capital is... Orlando.

7. The STEAKHOUSE capital is... Indianapolis.

8. The SEAFOOD capital is... New Orleans.

9. And the COFFEE capital is... Seattle. 

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4. New "Doritos For Women" Will Be Less Crunchy and Cheesy And Everyone's Mocking the Idea

The CEO of Doritos, who's a woman, by the way just announced they're planning a new line of chips for WOMEN that will be less crunchy, have less cheese powder, and come in bags that fit in a purse. And the reaction on Twitter has been VERY sarcastic and unhappy.

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5. A Guy Almost Died from Chugging 25 Energy Drinks, and Wants Them Banned

A 56-year-old guy in the U.K. wants to ban all energy drinks, because he drank more than TWENTY-FIVE of them in six hours, overdosed on caffeine, suffered a brain hemorrhage, had three mini-strokes and almost died.

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6. A new study found that two drinks a day

 might actually help clear your brain of toxins, and prevent things like Alzheimer's. 

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7. posted a list of the wildest bar in every state. 

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8. Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles Co-Owns This Austin Restaurant

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