HALLOWEEN: Your Costumes and Your PET Costumes + More

1. Halloween may have been a bit wet

but that didn't stop you guys from dressing up! Thanks for sending us pics!

Click the pic to see more awesome photos of your costumes!


2. Here at The Rod Ryan Show we love our pets and we know you do too,

 so we wanted to see what you dressed your pets up as for Halloween.

Click the pic to see more pet pics!


3. Wendy Williams fainted in the middle of her show yesterday, on live TV. 

She ended up being fine, but it was scary for a few minutes. She said she just got overheated in her Halloween costume. She was dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

More here.


4. Ellen dressed up on her show yesterday as "Karla Kardashian", 

the fourth Kardashian sister. And of course she had to be pregnant. She brought out the real Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner as part of the joke. 


5. Here are some WWE superstars and their costumes. 

Check out a gallery of celebrity Halloween costumes here, WWE Costumes here.


6. The "Good Morning America" crew dressed as superheroes, 

but if you're a purist, don't watch this video because they mixed Marvel and DC.


7. Over on the "Today" show, they were country music stars, 

complete with intros from the REAL Reba McEntire. The highlight had to be Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer gender-swapping as Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.


8. On "Live", KELLY and RYAN went all out, dressing as "Guardians of the Galaxy" characters, 

Wonder Women, and even each other. Check out a gallery of their costumes here.


9. LEBRON JAMES makes a terrifying Pennywise

and you can check out galleries of other athletes dressed up here and here.


10. Ryan Reynolds Had a Great Response to a Mom That Tweeted 

Him Asking How Her Son Should Go to the Bathroom While Dressed as “Deadpool” For Halloween

Read more here.


11. Jamie Lee Curtis Tweeted a Picture Teasing a New “Halloween” Movie For October 19, 2018

Read more here.


12. A Staples Employee Wears a Blackface Halloween Costume That Goes Over About As Well As You'd Expect

A Staples in California is getting a lot of heat after one of their employees dressed in a BLACKFACE Halloween costume over the weekend. She said she was dressed as a spa guest and it was a mud mask but after people complained, she took it off and Staples issued an apology.

Read more here.


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