MUSIC: Jason Aldean Covers Tom Petty on SNL + More

1. Jason Aldean showed up on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, 

and opened the show with some comments about Las Vegas. Then he played "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty only six days after the Vegas shooter shot and killed 59 people while he was performing. 


2. Tom Petty was from Gainesville, Florida, where the University of Florida is. 

And when the Gators played a home game against LSU on Saturday, the whole stadium sang "I Won't Back Down" before the fourth quarter.


3. The RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS paid tribute to TOM PETTY

 at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

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4. The Dark Side of Carpool Karaoke: The Foo Fighters Say it's Really Boring to Film

Everybody loves "Carpool Karaoke" except maybe the artists who appear on it. The FOO FIGHTERS did it last month, and as fun as their car ride with JAMES CORDEN seemed, it was actually very BORING.

Guitarist PAT SMEAR says, quote, "By hour three in the dude's car it got less fun. It kinda went on. When we stopped at Guitar Centre, that felt like we were done, but it was like 'this is halfway.'"

And DAVE GROHL said he would have rather sung other people's songs. Quote, "I don't mind singing my own songs at Glastonbury or The O2 but if I had to sing you a song right now I'd be too embarrassed."

"We did The Ramones and Rick Astley, but they didn't use it. I don't know why."


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