FOOD: McDonald's is Testing A Vegan Burger + More

1. From Listener Travis:

"Hey Brother Rod, I was at my local HEB and I noticed they put out some new seasonal flavored sodas for the Fall. I decided to try the "Maple Cream" and it's incredible. The first thing you taste or smell is a sweet maple syrup. I highly recommended giving it a try. ~Travis, from Magnolia, 8-9 listener."

2. McDonald's is testing a new "McVegan" burger, 

but only in Finland right now. 

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3. Costco Is Going to Start Offering Same Day Grocery Delivery

 at an Attempt to Compete with Amazon

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4. "Rick and Morty" Fans Were Less Than Pleased With McDonald’s 

Limited Release of Szechuan Sauce on Saturday.

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5. Oreo’s New Mystery Flavor Supposedly Tastes Just Like Froot Loops

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6. Also, Oreo Might Be Releasing Hot and Spicy Flavored Oreos

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7. There's a Cotton Candy Burrito on Sale at the Arizona State Fair

It's about time that someone figured out how to turn burritos into dessert.

Right now, at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix, someone's selling a COTTON CANDY BURRITO. They flatten out cotton candy put some scoops of birthday cake ice cream on top then roll the cotton candy around it like a tortilla.

 They're calling it the Candi-Urrito, which is a bad name, but I'm assuming people are in it for the taste more than the branding.

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8. Taco Bell Gets Further and Further From Being Mexican Food They're Testing Out Chicken and Biscuits

I know no one confuses Taco Bell for being authentic Mexican food but could they at least PRETEND?

Taco Bell just started testing a new breakfast item called Chicken & Biscuits that's literally a paper cup filled with fried chicken chips and little triangle-shaped biscuits. And you get a dipping sauce, either honey or nacho cheese.

 Right now they're only on sale in Indianapolis, but if they sell well there, I guess they'll go nationwide. 

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