3 Things You Must See: Nose Hair Extensions? + More

1. Are Nose Hair Extensions the Next Hot Beauty Trend?

If NOSE HAIR becomes fashionable, consider me Elle Macpherson.

A woman on Instagram posted a picture a few days ago showing off her idea for the next beauty trend: NOSE HAIR EXTENSIONS. Basically, she put fake eyelashes around her nostril so it looks like she's got a ton of hair growing out.

Is it destined to be the next hot beauty trend? Well, copycats HAVE already sprung up on Instagram, so I guess you never know. 

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2. For No Apparent Reason Whatsoever, 

Here’s Baby Goats Wearing Cowboy Hats


3. Did This Guy Do Cocaine on Live TV?

There's a video trending online of two guys in the crowd at a boxing match and it looks like one is giving the other cocaine. He dabs something on his finger and then rubs it on his buddy's tongue and lips.

Watch here.


4.  Dashcam Video of a Very Close Tornado

A guy in Wisconsin was driving in a bad storm when he noticed a tornado touching down just a few yards away. Naturally, he freaked out.

CAREFUL: Profanities.


5. Dove Runs an Ad Where a Black Woman Peels Off Her Shirt to Become a White Woman

Dove recently ran a short video ad on Facebook that shows a black woman peeling off her shirt to reveal a pale white woman underneath. It's not clear what the message was SUPPOSED to be, but people immediately pointed out how racist it came off and Dove apologized.

Read more here.


6. Turns out Christopher Columbus wasn't brave, 

he was just really bad at math.


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