FOOD: Today Is National Taco Day!

1. Today Is National Taco Day Here Are the Results From a New Survey on Our Love For Tacos

Apparently, today is NATIONAL TACO DAY. I can't believe I JUST found that out and didn't wear my taco pants. Spoiler: They're maternity pants and they can just keep expanding forever.

Anyway, a website called National Today ran a survey about our love of tacos to celebrate. 

And here's what they found:

1. More than 95% of Americans say they like tacos. That MIGHT make them the most unifying force in the entire country.

2. 76% of us eat tacos at LEAST once every few weeks.

3. The most popular taco filling is carne asada, which is "steak" if you only speak gringo. The rest of the five most popular are: Barbacoa, chicken, pork, chorizo pork sausage and veggies.

4. And 72% prefer tacos over burritos. 

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2. National Taco Day Freebies

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3. Taco Bell Is Celebrating National Taco Day With Gift Boxes Full of Tacos

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4. Ice Cream Company in Baltimore Is Making Vodka

 Infused Ice Cream That Will Actually Get You Drunk

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5. Dunkin’ Donuts is Going to Shrink Their Menu

 From 30 Types of Donuts to 18 Nationwide

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6. From Listener Brandon Hobratschk

"I swear this baby carrot came out of the bag exactly like this!  LOL!!!"

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