Crazy Criminalzzz: Houston Snapchat Shooting Couple In Court + More

1. Houston couple in viral Snapchat shooting video expected in court

A Houston rapper and a woman seen shooting a gun from a moving vehicle in a now-viral Snapchat video are behind bars after turning themselves over the past 24 hours.

Police charged Michael Anthony Cuellar, 29, and Sierra Tarbutton, 27, with felony criminal mischief and deadly conduct Monday after obtaining video of the two apparently shooting blindly into a neighborhood as they drove through in the early morning hours of Sept. 26. (Houston Chronicle)

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2. A Guy Is Busted Doing Dangerous Highway Motorcycle Tricks in a Full Panda Costume

A guy in Minnesota was busted for reckless driving recently when he was doing motorcycle stunts on a highway in a full panda costume. He told the cops he was trying to go viral.

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3. A Couple Won't Stop Having Loud Car Sex and the Guy Gets Mad at a Cop For "Blocking" Him

A couple in Wisconsin were getting-it-on in a car in the middle of the night on Monday, and they kept going after a cop came and told them to stop. The guy accused the cop of [rooster]-blocking him and he and the woman were both charged with lewd and lascivious conduct.

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4. A guy in southeast Florida set up a bunch of security cameras, 

because he was afraid of being robbed. And they recorded him selling DRUGS. So now the footage will be used against him in court. 

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5. A 33-year-old guy from Mississippi got pulled over the other day. 

And when police searched his car, they found drugs, some stolen mail and $165 worth of Tastykakes and Honey Buns. 

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