3 Things You Must See: "BF of the Year" Switches Shoes With His GF + More

1. Stupid Photo of the Day:

The "Boyfriend of the Year" Switches Shoes With His Girlfriend and Wears Her Uncomfortable Heels

There's a fine line between being the world's best boyfriend and being the world's most blatant doormat. And this guy is DEFINITELY walking that line.

There's a picture going viral from a hospital waiting room in Chongqing, China where a boyfriend is wearing his girlfriend's HIGH HEELS and she's wearing his sandals. Apparently her feet were sore, so he swapped.

 She's also sitting down in the photo, and he's standing. The person who snapped the photo and posted it on social media called him the "boyfriend of the year." 

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2. Watch One Roommate Annoy Another by Playing Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September” 

EVERY Day in September and Filming His Reaction Each Day


3. Band Used the Delay From Streaming on Facebook Live to Record an Entire Song



4. UPDATE!!! Kid who inhaled dog toy remix!


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