VIDEO: Houstonian Makes Emotional Video About Hurricane Harvey

1. University of Houston student Benjamin Onda

made and incredible and extremely emotional video of the impact Hurricane Harvey had on Houston. 

"PLEASE WATCH: I shed multiple tears putting this together...I've been editing this since 3 AM last night and I figured that since I'm stranded here at my house and I don't have a boat, I'd try to help in any way that I could...So, I made this video as an attempt to spread awareness and request whatever donations you might be willing to spare for JJ Watt's YouCaring charity post that he has going on. I'd prefer donations go to JJ's as opposed to other sites, because that way I can know it stays local and it isn't fraudulent...The City of Houston means everything to me...I grew up here. I met the love of my life here. I'm going to graduate from UH in December and then I plan on starting my career AND family here. And, I'm broken up about this more than y'all can imagine. My city is in Hell right now. And, it has been struck by a natural disaster of historic proportions unlike many we've seen in the history of our country...My brothers and sisters here in Houston that are out saving lives have inspired me to create a video showcasing our city's beauty and more importantly, WHY we deserve your help...Houston, I love you."


2. Trapped El Bolillo bakers bake dozens of sheets of pan dulce for flood victims

Thousands of Houstonians were stranded at home over the weekend, as well as in cars or at work, as Harvey unleashed its fury over the city.

Among those trapped were a group of El Bolillo bakers. The team working out of the panaderia's Wayside Drive location were trapped in the bakery for two days. 

So what did they do to pass the time? In a gesture that was both literally and figuratively 'sweet,' they baked sheets and sheets of pan dulce to be handed out to people in need. (Houston Chronicle)

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