This is What US Olympians Make For Each Medal Compared to Other Countries

This is 2016 Olympic bronze medalist Monica Aksamit. She took it to TikTok to show what US Olympians make compared to other countries when the Medal.

I fact checked like anyone should before putting content on the internet and looks like she wasn't far from the truth.

This is an article I read from,

While Aksamit is correct in her video to point out Filipino athletes get paid more than Americans for winning medals, she incorrectly describes how much those athletes make. Aksamit says Filipino gold medalists receive $656,000 USD. The discrepancy likely comes from reportsthat Diaz is receiving additional money from the Philippine government and from private donors.

Although they don’t receive six-figure awards, Brazilian athletes also get paid more than Americans for winning medals. The Brazilian Olympic Committee is giving awards of 250,000 Brazilian reals ($48,000 USD) for gold medals, 150,000 reals ($29,000 USD) for silver medals and 100,000 reals ($19,000 USD) for bronze medals.

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