Kourtney Kardashian Reportedly Engaged To Travis Barker

via Glamour.com, 'The pair have beengoing hot and heavyfor a few months now, and sources say the relationship is serious. And they recently took a couples trip toLas Vegas, land of casinos…and wedding chapels (Nevada has no waiting period on wedding licenses). After attending a UFC match together, Kardashianposted photos of her and Barkerengaging in their usual super-flirty PDA. No ring in sight, by the way. She captioned the post, “what happens in Vegas,” which could mean anything, since, you know, it's staying in Vegas!

But Kardashian's hairstylist was also snapping pictures of the two of them in that hotel hallway, and his Instagram tells a very different story. His post was captioned, “…NOWWW I understand why ppl tie the knot in Vegas 💒🥲🖤 There’s nothing like love AND a good time 🥳”'

Chapel emoji?! Not only that, but according toBuzzFeed, the post originally included the engagement ring emoji as well, before it got swapped for a black heart. Looks like someone is trying to stop the rumors…but not trying all that hard! Is this a case of fans of the couple reading too much into everything, or do we have an info leak?

Meanwhile, Barker's daughter, Alabama, shared one of Barker's posts–a picture of him and Kardashian–to her Instagram Stories, writing, “so happy for you guys” with two red hearts, two big-eyes faces, and tagging her dad and Kourtney Kardashian (screencap onBuzzFeed). This is so suspicious!

Honestly, we'd be a little surprised if these two decided to tie the knot without any friends or family present, but maybe they're doing it like Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas? Turner and Jonas got hitched in Vegasfirst, then later the same year hosted an elaborate wedding ceremony with guests and a meal and all that jazz. The more weddings the merrier! We'll be keeping an eye out for more clues…

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