Holly Madison Details Sex with Hugh Hefner, He Passed Out "Thigh Openers"

I think we have been waiting for Holly to be this open about that happened behind closed doors. I give her credit for talking about it. Full article at www.toofab.com.

Article via TOOFAB, ' On their first night out, she said Hef tried offering her Quaaludes, which he referred to as "thigh openers." While Holly turned them down, she said she witnessed Hefner "hand them out for years" after she moved in. Madison said she would get really drunk and added that marijuana was popular in the house -- claiming she couldn't "remember a time in the bedroom I wasn't wasted."

"Everybody would go upstairs and basically everybody would have sex and I didn't know what to expect," she said of her first time having sex with Hef. "I think I had the feeling that, this is my first night out, maybe I won't be expected to do anything my first night. But then when I got up there, I was so wasted and thrown into it, that once it was done, there was something about the experience that made me feel very out of control."'

I follow Holly on IG and she seems like she's been living her best life for some time. That makes me happy.

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