Twitch Streamer Shuts Down Sexist Troll with Master Class Rebuttal

According to Yahoo Life, Gamer Emme “negaoryx” Montgomery went viral earlier this week with a video of her shutting down (and I mean SHUTTING DOWN) a sexist commenter who asked a rude, inappropriate question, gaining the support of many of her peers and sparking a conversation about misogyny in the world of gaming.

She tweeted the video out on January 26, along with the statement "99% of the time, I ignore trolls and ban them. 1% of the time, I do this:" and it's since been viewed more than 6 million times. Check out the video (including some very salty language) below.

After receiving the question about the color of her underwear, Montgomery responded:

“Respect women, you just absolute infant of a human,” she said out loud while streaming on the platform Twitch. “So, what did you expect? Did you expect I was gonna be like, ‘Blue. Why, do you want to find out? Here’s my number.’ Like what do you think people are gonna do, my dude? How do you think it’s going any other way than how it went?”

The commenter suggested that she can't take a joke, which led Montgomery to ask what exactly he thinks a joke is. She went on to imagine a scenario where a comedian like John Mulaney tries a "joke" like that on stage, and then hit him with the following:

“[Mike Birbiglia] has a really great bit where he talks about how jokes have been ruined by people like yourself who say misogynistic things and then when someone calls them out on it they say, ‘I’m joking.’ Because then people say, ‘Oh, we just can’t joke around in the workplace anymore?’ No, the rest of us can still joke. You can’t because you were never joking in the first place. You were just being a misogynistic."

Montgomery went on to tell him that he doesn't like hearing these things about himself because deep down he knows they're true.

Comedian Mike Birbiglia, who Montgomery referenced in her response, tweeted his support, saying "I love this. Happy to be included." Fans and other live stream gamers have also been very supportive, applauding her for schooling the troll in question and for educating all those watching.

Montgomery spoke to Yahoo Life in the article linked above about the fact that misogyny is an ongoing issue in the gaming industry. She's under no illusion that this one viral clip will spur change, but hopes the conversations it starts will lead to more people taking it seriously when this kind of thing is called out.

Photo: Twitter/negoryx