Here's How To Get A Cardboard Cutout Of Yourself At The Astros Game

The Astros are BACK! Although the seasons will start, fans and attendees will not be able to join in on the action in person. Games will be hosted at each respective park, but there will be no players. This means the administration has to get creative on how to fill in the empty spaces. The Houston Astros are giving fans an opportunity to represent the teams in the stands without physically being there.

According to The Houston Chronicle, for $100 dollars you can have a cardboard cutout of yourself made and placed on a random seat. The deal is also part of a charity donation of choice by the Houston Astors. You might be featured on TV and also will be giving back to the community by participating in thisinnovation. Of course, the games will be broadcasted by your TV network provider, but this is a chance to represent and root for your team remotely.

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Photo: Getty Images

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