Rick Astley Proves He's More Than a Meme, Covers Foo Fighters' 'Everlong'

Huh. I guess we really shouldn't jump to conclusions about people. Rick Astley, known for his 1987 pop hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" and his status as a meme for the last decade or so, is apparently a big Foo Fighters fan.

The English singer-songwriter posted the video below to his YouTube channel. In it, he explains that sometimes he just needs to play a song that will left his spirits and put him in a better place. He says the music that works for him is often a Foo Fighters song. And then he belts out an awesome, heartfelt version of "Everlong".

As a little bonus, here's a clip of Astley joining Foo Fighters on stage a few years ago to sing on their cover of "Never Gonna Give You Up".

Photo: Getty Images

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