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You Voted for one of these local Houston bands to Bring on BuzzFest 2022

94.5 THE BUZZ is looking for a band to play BuzzFest! We need a local band to open and Bring On BuzzFest on May 28th, 2022 at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion!  We are looking for a band that can hold their own with Papa Roach, Bush, and Seether. Enter your band in this 2022 contest brought to you by THE BUZZ, and let’s get ready to BRING ON BUZZFEST! You voted for your 5 finalists, now we'll work with a panel of judges to select one band to open the show!

307 Departure

We are 307 Departure, a band originating from the Houston 77356 area. 307 has been around since late 2019, and has recently undergone a lineup change! Working in tow with Danny Saber, 307 has prepared their first studio album ready for release in the near future. 307 Departure is driven to push alternative rock back to the mainstream, with catchy riffs and thrilling live shows. With lots of momentum behind them, this band has what it takes to Bring on BuzzFest!

Affinity Falls

Affinity Falls is a 5 piece alternative hard rock/metal band based out of Houston/Rosharon area. 77583

Established 3 years ago but underwent multiple line up changes did not have it's finalized line-up and start playing shows until early 2021. We have put so much effort into releasing our first single properly. The effort has paid off well. In our first year as a band we achieved over 250,000 accumulative streams across all platforms. We also were one of 11 bands in Houston that were picked out 114 bands to be played on your station in the contest 'Hometown For The Holidays' (THANK YOU SO MUCH BTW)

We think we have achieved a lot for a young band with no 

Awaken The Giant - FINALIST

Awaken The Giant is an American rock band from Houston, Texas, formed in 2017 by Blake Suarez and Tab Cocchia. Original band mates from a former band, Blake and Tab broke away to create a heavier, harder sound and be the sole song writers. This allowed them to create the sound that they always envisioned.

Billy Rocks

Billy Rocks is from La Porte, Texas. 77571. Been together for about 5 years. You picked Billy Rocks because Love Is All We Know. 

Blackmoore - FINALIST

Blackmoore was formed in May 2019 by singer/guitarist Dan Starkie and drummer Jayden Self, and were joined by lead guitarist Sebastian Afsar and bassist Marshall Lundsberg. They released their first album, The Glory Before Us, in May 2021. Lundsberg and Self left the band that November, being replaced by Paul Duty on bass and Jake Douglas on drums.

  • Dan Starkie (19) - Vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Sebastian Afsar (18) - Lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Paul Duty (16) - Bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Jake Douglas (20) - Drums

Blackmoore is a young, passionate, hard working band that blends high energy, catchy punk with emotionally driven choruses, who are looking to bring their sound and songs to a wider audience.

Bright Fires

We are a local Houston (77081) band who have been together since 2018. Our goal is to write music that evokes emotion and that listeners can find personal meaning in. We feel that we offer a unique sound that would be a great addition to the Buzzfest lineup. 

Castaway Radio

A literal band of brothers out of Pearland with memorable riffs and lyrics, working on a new album with some tasty appeteasers of what's to come...coming soon!

Deep Ella

Deep Ella is an American Rock band proudly from Houston Texas (77064).

The started in 2002 with the released of our first album - Last Years New Thing. We should be picked for this opportunity because Buzzfest is a Houston tradition and we are a Houston band. We have been contributing to the Houston music scene for the last 20 years and to open Buzzfest would be a great honor for us. We also think our music and rock show would be perfect for it:)

Downfall 2012

Hailing from Humble, TX 3-piece powerhouse Downfall 2012 offers an unforgettable sound and visual experience. This trio of vocalists/musicians/percussionists leaves every audience with a lasting impression of just how diverse a rock concert can be. Downfall 2012 has toured with Avatar, Otep, Saliva, Hed PE, and more. Most recently, Downfall 2012 performed on Shiprocked Cruise 2022 with Lamb Of God, Badflower, P.O.D., and several other notable acts. Downfall 2012 belongs on Buzzfest! Thank you 94.5 for another amazing opportunity! 

Ever The Wolf

5 piece, all-original Indie Rock Band from Houston, TX 77014. We've been together a little over a year but have many combined years of playing and performing between us.

We believe in the unequivocal power of music and write about real, common issues that we all face. A little life experience is required to really dig into what we're about however, we encourage the fact that music changes everyone and everything... all the time.

Ever The Wolf is about mature lyrics, diverse arrangements and making serious, intellectual music. Houston is our hometown and we create music in the hopes that we can all share in making our city and surrounding communities positive and proud. It's all about the connection.


We are EverGlaze from northwest Houston! The band formed in 2017 and has performed all over Texas and even shows in Chicago. Our style is a melting pot of the bands personal influences and it shows. Every song is different and has a unique flavor that will make everyone groove and rock out! We should be picked because of our diverse original songs that catch the attention of all music lovers! We love being apart of the Houston music scene and would love to be apart of such an amazing Houston event! 

Hindsight - FINALIST

Hindsight is a modern hard rock band with influences ranging from 90's Grunge/Alternative to modern rock and metal.The current version of the band formed in 2013 and is partially based out of Houston and College Station TX.The band has been recording and touring since then with 6 regional tours around the united states.Sonically, the band draws from a number of influences that allow it to perform high energy shows in a wide range of settings and genres. They have recently released their latest EP titled Catalyst (2022, Now Streaming).

  • Vocals, Guitar: Brad Lambert
  • Guitar: Andrew Jastram
  • Bass: Jesse James
  • Drums: Lincoln LaCour

Endorsements/Affiliates: Esoterik Guitars, Dean Guitars, MTD Bass, SIT Strings, Tsunami Cables, Eminence Speakers

Key Flight Captains

We are Key Flight Captains from right here in HTX. We've been together since 2014. We would absolutely love the opportunity to open the legendary Buzzfest. We think we deserve a shot because we put our all in to this as it is our dream to become successful musicians. 

Lonestar Hippie

Lonestar Hippie is a 4 piece psychedelic rock band out of Houston, Texas 77015 area. 

Lucid Illusions - FINALIST

Lucid Illusions is a 3-piece bluesy-alt rock band from Houston, TX (77066) formed in 2017. The band consists of Jordan Lane (guitar/vocals), Donovan Hanson (drums), and Conner Graham (bass). In May 2019, the band released their self titled debut album and they are now recording their second record. In addition, the band recently completed a project called 365 Days of Covers where they posted a new cover on YouTube every day of 2021. Lucid Illusions is known for their attention-grabbing, crowd-engaging live performances. The band is beyond dedicated to their craft and ready to take their music to the next level! 


Zipcode: 77471/ How long the band has been together: 3 RoZY is a Texas based rock band fueled by sisters, Molly & Zoe Flores, who along with their band mates, Brandon Martinez & Noah Elkins, create powerful songs and exciting live shows that speak to young audiences with authenticity & grit. The sisters began performing at ages 10 and 11 at the Houston Livestock Show Rodeo, SXSW, Warehouse LIVE, Superbowl LIVE, & were blessed to share the stage with Night Ranger, Vixen, Buckcherry, Stryper, Last In Line & were blessed to get a spot on the Vans Warped Tour. The band has created a new, powerful & unique presence that speaks for Rock's new generation.


Relevant Saints is a high-energy alternative rock band from Houston, Texas (77598). Formed in 2020, the band has spent the past two years writing, recording, and putting on unforgettable stage performances as a fairly new band in the current local music scene. The band brings a mix of raw energy, power and true stories to the world of alternative rock; breaking boundaries of genre and building their foundation as a band. Relevant Saints are absolutely one of the top alternative rock bands to watch in 2022 and would be honored to have the opportunity to showcase this colossal sound with many more people abroad.


From: Houston, TX (77023). Together for 17 years-Formed in 2005, Saturate literally & hit the ground running having one goal in mind: To inspire the masses by earning their part in modern rock culture as we know it. By blending smooth melodic riffing, heavy edge up beat rhythms, and harmonious, emotion filled vocals, Saturate is able to achieve all extremes of the musical spectrum in a tasteful way. But what stands out the most, is the live performance.. Its not about glam, gimmicks or choreography.. just pure, energetic, interactive entertainment. Saturate has shared the stage with many well known acts and has recently released their latest single. Thank you. 




Turnaways are from all over Houston. from Cypress to Sugarland. We have played all over Houston at the coolest venues, and have been a band since 2013. Our early style was punk rock, now it is more indie rock n roll while still keeping that live energy. 

Submission and Voting Days:

  • March 21 - Submissions start (3-week period)
  • April 8 - end submissions (Friday) 
  • Voting to Narrow down to top 20 submission (1-week period) – top 20 decided by Buzz staff voting
  • Fan votes opens narrowing top 20 down to the top 5. (10 days)
  • Buzz ‘panel of Pros’ narrows it to the “1” winner

Voting parameters for Fan votes:

  • During the voting windows, the public can cast votes here on
  • Vote per person will be limited to 1 vote per day per band. Individuals can vote additional times on subsequent days.
  • Results will not be displayed during the voting period, and the finalists from the fan voting will be announced at the completion of the Fan Voting segment.

Winning band receives:

  • Their band name added to the Buzzfest show line-up.
  • Inclusion of band name in social media and promotion material at
  • Opening set performance on the main stage at Buzzfest on May 28th at the Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavilion.
    • Band must be local and is responsible for bringing their own equipment/instruments. 
    • Some backline will be available.
    • Hotel/Travel is not included.

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