Billie Eilish Addresses Her 'Internalized Misogyny' In Emotional Speech

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Billie Eilish was honored at Variety's Power of Women event last night, Thursday, November 16th, and with the honor came a very emotional and vulnerable speech from the young Grammy winner.

Eilish was immediately teary when she got up to the mic. "Guys, I'm on prednisone. Have you ever taken that?" she asked before revealing she was recovering from laryngitis. "Last time I was on it, I threw my phone and shattered a mirror. Now, I be crying." Eilish continued with the speech, stopping several times to keep herself from crying while talking about her rise to fame at the young age of 15.

"It's really hard to be a woman out here, guys," Eilish said once she composed herself. "I've said this a lot recently so if anybody's heard me say this I'm sorry I sound like a broken record but I have never felt truly like a woman," she said, reiterating a comment she made in a recent interview with Variety.

"I've spent a lot of my life not feeling like a fit into being a woman. And I think for a couple of years, because of that insecurity, I became almost very 'pick me' about it. I'd be like, 'While I'm not like other girls 'cause I don't do this and this,'" she shared. "I've grown to be very resentful of that period of time because I'm so much more interested in being like other girls because other girls are f—ing tight."

"I love women! This sounds kind of f—ed up but I have a lot of internalized misogyny inside of me and I find it coming out in places I don't want it to," she admitted. "And I have to say, with full transparency, I'm very grateful to be a woman right now. I feel very proud and I feel very honored to be here." You can watch Eilish's full speech above.

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