Lookin' At Girlzzz: Kate Beckinsale, Shakira, Avril, Shania, Megan Fox!

Kate Beckinsale hits back at claims she's had a nose job as she shares heavily filtered pix in a bikini.

Shakira has been charged with tax evasion for a second time in Spain. 

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Avril Lavigne is 39.

Shania Twain... high kickin' at 57!!!


Megan Fox

Paulina Gretzky is giving her fans another sneak peek from a recent photoshoot.

Julia Fox says there wasn't any sex in her relationship with Kanye.  

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Doja Cat made a cool devil painting for her fans.

ESPN is playing different songs from Dolly Parton's "Rockstar" album during select weeks on "Monday Night Football."  

It already started last Monday, but it WILL continue through the remainder of the year. 

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The Taylor Swift / Travis Kelce relationship already has MERCH.

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Joan Collins Insists She's Never Done Anything to Her Face  


 90-year-old Joan Collins insists she's never had work done to her face because she's quote, "needle-phobic".  She says she just moisturizes and uses night cream, like her mother once told her.  Oh, and she stays out of the sun.


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Photo: VALERY HACHE / AFP / Getty Images

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