3 Things You Must See Today: Man's "$14,000 Collie Suit", more

Photo: YouTube: I want to be an animal

Man's "$14,000 Collie Suit" Fools People Into Thinking He's a Dog

There's a video making the rounds of a guy in Japan who spent $14,000 on a custom-made suit that makes him look just like a Collie.  It's so realistic looking that he fools people, and even other dogs. His name is Toco, and his YouTube channel is titled "I want to be an animal". 

Kansas farmer surprises wife for 50th anniversary with massive field of sunflowers

A farmer in Kansas named Lee Wilson has his 50th anniversary coming up next Thursday.  And sunflowers are his wife's favorite.  So he surprised her by planting 1.2 MILLION of them.  They've been together since high school.

A zoo in China is denying allegations some of its bears might be people in costumes. 

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