HOUSTON Gets "Gooch Grease" To Trend Over The Weekend?

You might be better off NOT knowing what this means, but we'll tell you anyway:  The term "GOOCH GREASE" was trending online this weekend after a local news station in Houston did a seven-minute segment on it.



So what is it?  It's described as the "culmination of lint, sweat, and [OTHER STUFF]" that's hanging out around a guy's nether region at any given time. 



The term might be new, but the swampy situation it's describing isn't.  Plenty of men AND women have dealt with it, especially in the summer months.  


It's when you can't seem to keep things dry down there.  But if it's just sweat, that's one thing.  If it's also a HYGIENE issue, that's "gooch grease."



This one last detail is a big reason it's going viral though.  Desperate men who don't want to ruin their underwear have supposedly started wearing MAXI PADS to keep the problem in check.



People on Twitter didn't understand why "gooch grease" was trending this weekend, then looked it up and wished they hadn't.  The collective response has been . . . yuck. 

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Photo: Getty Images

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